Buying vs Leasing

 Buying    VS Leasing
 Down payment or cash price, registration, taxes, other fees  Initial Costs  Refundable security deposit, first month's payment, down payment, registration, taxes, other fees
 Loan payments usually higher than lease payments, paying for the total vehicle cost plus interest and additional charges Monthly Payments Lease payments usually lower than loan payments, paying for car depreciation during lease term plus interest and additional charges
 Total ownership, free to make modifications and changes, can keep as long as you want or sell at any time Ownership Do not own the vehicle, cannot make changes or modifications, must return or purchase vehicle at the end of lease term
 Owner must deal with depreciation and maintain the vehicle well to uphold its value Future Value Future vehicle value does not affect the lessee

 Buying Vs Leasing

When shopping for a new vehicle, drivers have several important decisions to make. In addition to figuring out which car is right for them, they must also factor in their financial options, such as whether to buy or lease the vehicle. Fortunately for car buyers in the Fayetteville, NC area, our team at Fred Anderson Nissan of Fayetteville is equipped and ready to help customers make a well informed decision. Those interested in learning more about the differences between buying and leasing a new car can refer to the information on this page to determine which option best fits into their lifestyle. Here are some notable advantages to both buying and leasing: 


  • Can modify and change the vehicle as much as desired
  • Free to keep the vehicle as long as you want, even after loan payments are finished
  • No yearly mileage restrictions


  • Can take advantage of a newer vehicle for less money
  • Free to enjoy the latest high-tech features by leasing a brand new car every few years
  • Utilize full vehicle warranty, which typically outlasts the lease term

 Online buying and leasing resources for car shoppers in Fayetteville, NC

Would you like to learn more about your financial options at Fred Anderson Nissan of Fayetteville? If so, you can take a look at our available online resources from the comfort of home. Online financial tools include:

Shoppers can also view our available new and used vehicle inventories online before even stepping foot at the dealership. If you have questions about buying or leasing or would like to learn more about your financial options, please don't hesitate to contact our team at Fred Anderson Nissan of Fayetteville.